Our Etsy store  Our exclusive Merino yarn, perfect for knitting and felting. Offered in a variety of undyed colors!
The bluffs and green bottomlands of the Missouri river in central Missouri are home to our family and our flock of fine white Merino  and natural colored sheep. That's what Genopalette means: a palette of colors inherent to the sheep.  But Genopalette doesn't end there; we are proud to now be breeding some of the finest white Merino fleeces in the USA.

Colored sheep are rare. Among predominant wool breeds, only 1 in 1,000 occur naturally. For centuries they have been culled because of the difficulties posed by colored wool to industrial wool mills. However, intrigued by the rarity of these genetically colored sheep, a few pioneering shepherds worldwide produce small amounts of colored wool.

In 1988, compelled by the glowing shades of naturally colored  Merino  sheep seen in New Zealand, we imported and began breeding  a world-class flock . Under our farm name of Humble Hills, our raw wool fleeces have been sold to fiber artists nationwide. As our wool has taken  top honors at leading fleece competitions, it has also brought premium prices. The reason? Extraordinary softness, clarity of whites, luster, low micron, style, cleanliness and stunning natural color .

We are also very excited to now be offering high comfort factor fine and superfine baled white raw Merino wool, as well as individual superfine and ultrafine white Merino fleeces for handcrafters.  Our white wool is kept strictly separated from our small production of colored fleeces, thus insuring the reliability and purity of both your vision, and the finished product.  Please contact us for more information on our large white Merino clip offerings.
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